Service Co-design for Libraries: Xlibris Approach

A complete guide that takes you through every step of Xlibris Approach for service co-design for libraries.

- Lectures 11

- Video 1 hours, 5 minutes and 29 seconds

- Skill Level Beginner Level

- Languages English, Turkish, Bulgarian, German, Lithuanian

Course Description

The main aim of this course is to teach how to co-design library services by involving users and how to use various tools and techniques to address their needs and ideas.

In this course, main features of the tools such as Lego® Serious Play®, Business Model YOU Canvas®, Crowdsourcing and Xlibris Matrix will be introduced and how to use each tool for different phases of service co-design will be presented with examples. This will include helping librarians and library users to define their ideas, needs, wants, desires, likes and dislikes; defining resources, facilities and limitations; obtaining inputs from peers and uncovering training needs.

What are the requirements?

- This course doesn’t require any special skills

- This course does require only an interest towards user needs and desire to learn how users can be involved in library service design


- Learn the phases of service co-design for libraries (Xlibris Approach)

- Learn what Lego® Serious Play® methodology is and how it is used for service definition and design

- Learn what Business Model YOU Canvas® is how it is used for exploring service details

- Learn what Crowdsourcing is how it is used for obtaining inputs about a proposed service

- Learn what Xlibris Matrix is and how it is used for uncovering training needs of both users and librarians

What is the target audience?

- This course is meant for librarians from all types of libraries

- It does not require any specialization in any library specific area

Course Outline & Materials

Video Lectures (11 videos)